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There is a moment near the end of Gillian Anderson’s fine performance as poor, drink-addled Blanche DuBois when she rises from very good to top-rate…

…For much of this 1947 stage classic, Blanche has tried to maintain a front of disintegrating allure and pretense.

To this end, Miss Anderson makes the most of her hooded, bedroomish eyes – at times she could almost be Jerry Hall’s younger, shorter sister.

But finally Blanche realizes that she is going to be taken away for psychiatric care.

In that instant those eyes create a V-frown of crumbling realization – that the game is up, in part, but also that the burden of her fantasy life is about to be lifted…

…Generally, though, an ingenious take powered by four ace performances, with an A star for X-Files’ Anderson.

The Daily Mail, July 2013 (x)

(Source: xfiles-behind-the-scenes)

Earlier in the week, on Thursday, Anderson and Duchovny auctioned off a life-size cutout of Scully and Mulder for charity. Both actors used this as an excuse to get hopes up for a third film. Duchovny said, “This is how we’re going to get the movie made, by the way.” Anderson then followed up with, "This is our Kickstarter."

Las Vegas Guardian Express, July 2013



Why the Opening Scene of The X-Files #14 is Not OK (Hint: It’s Rape)

Ever since writer Joe Harris tweeted a rather risqué panel from an issue of The X-Files: Season 10 late last week, the X-Files fan community has been abuzz with excitement. The panel shows Scully, wearing seemingly nothing but one of Mulder’s shirts thrown haphazardly on, knelt over Mulder in bed and pointing a gun in his face while he in turn remarks on how he is “more of a cuddler post-coitus” and suggesting that “sexy gunplay” isn’t really something that suits them.

This then appears to be the fun, sexy X-Files bedroom scene I have dreamed of seeing for over 15 years; but then looks can be deceiving. What we are actually viewing is the aftermath of a rape. [X]

Before you guys jump the gun, please read this article. I’m actually pretty angry and disgusted by this.

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