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Anonymous asked:

en que capítulo mulder se come a la vagina de scully?


I think this is it you guys. My proudest moment on Tumblr.

My Spanish is very rusty so Jules and Carla helped me translate this message… And I literally wept with laughter when I found out it read:

“in which episode does mulder eat scully’s vagina?”


I guess this is what happens when I make posts like this and this. And I love it.Truly.

Carla advised me to answer “anonimo. eso paso en cada episodio de la temporada 7.” (anonymous. that happened every episode of season seven.)

Honestly though anon, I must tell you that we never actually see Mulder and Scully having *any* kind of sex, (other than eye sex), on screen. When I talked about this it was purely speculative, though I would argue that is essentially exactly the way it happened.

The season of secret sex, you guys. The gift that keeps on giving ;)

Damn us Philes!!!! I even can’t


7 Day Fox Mulder Appreciation Challenge | Day 4: Favourite funny moment

Scully: Plan 9 from Outer Space?

Mulder: Yeah. It’s the Ed Wood investigative method. This movie is so profoundly bad in such a childlike way that it hypnotizes my conscious critical mind and frees up my right brain to make associo-poetic leaps and I started flashing on Hoffman and O’Fallon. How there’s an archetypal relationship like Hoffman’s Jesus to O’Fallon’s Judas or Hoffman’s Jesus to O’Fallons Dostoyevsky’s Grand Inquisitor, or Hoffman’s Jesus to O’Fallons St. Paul.    

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