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Im begging to think that i have some kind of a problem… after all the William’s post ive bee seen i say… welll i should watch William… and now im so down!!! go to fucking hell you spender! how dare you putting my Scully trught all that!!!!!!!!!

i really shouldn´t watch that ep….. damn


Anonymous asked:

got here through twitter somehow and i have to ask... should i watch the x files?


It’s a fucking commitment. It is a ride that you will eventually want off of because you’re starting to get nauseous. There will be many, many times where you will be sitting there wondering why the fuck you ever decided to put yourself through this because you can literally feel it destroying your soul. It’ll make it so that certain pieces of music reduce you to tears, even out of context. It will make it so that any mentions of UFOs, aliens, science, baseball, Cher, or bees will have an emotional impact. You’ll be traumatized, you’ll be confused, you’ll wonder if the writers know what they’re doing (hint: they do not), you’ll curse a lot. You’ll lose track of the story. You’ll wonder what the fuck was wrong with the lighting department. You’ll think you can’t go on, you’ll want to stop watching and forget this stupid ass show ever existed but by then, you won’t be able to.

Because despite all of the bullshit, you’ll fall in love. You will have an emotional connection towards basements and hallways. You’ll watch the shittiest of episodes but you’ll forget they’re shitty because there’s a cute guy and a cute girl and they’re touching and gazing and respecting each other and slowly (really slowly) falling in love with each other while you’re falling in love with them and by the time they realize how they feel, you’re in too deep. It’ll make you laugh (sometimes even intentionally!) and it’ll make you question your purpose on this planet and it’ll make you want to believe. You’ll cry for him and for her and sometimes they are happy tears. This isn’t just a show about aliens or monsters or scary things. It’s a show about two complete opposites coming together and making each other better people. You’ll get to watch one of the greatest television love stories ever told and no matter how many times you see it, it still takes your breath away. There are a lot of things this show gets wrong, but what it gets right, it gets SO RIGHT. It’s a journey and sometimes it’s shit, but it’s one worth taking because it’s unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.

So yeah, I dunno. Watch it if you want, I guess. 

This make my cry like a baby. This is so right. That’s the best way to describe the show… Omg the show… It’s been over 21 years and I still get all emotional.


The Scully Effect

One of the most frustrating aspects of this scarcity is that we know just how significant an influence powerful female, scientist role models can have on young women.

Perhaps the most prominent example of this power has come to be known as the “Scully Effect.” Named for Special Agent Dana Scully, the medical doctor and FBI agent who was one half of the investigative team on “The X-Files”, the Scully Effect accounts for the notable increase in women who pursued careers in science, medicine, and law enforcement as a result of living with Dana Scully over the nine years “The X-Files” ran on Fox.

The show has been off the air for more than a decade. Yet the character of Dana Scully remains a powerful example of how a dynamic female character whose primary pursuit is science—not romantic relationships—can have a lasting impact on our culture.

— by Christopher Zumski Finke (x)

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