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7 Day Fox Mulder Appreciation Challenge | Day 5: Favourite quote  

I once had a talk with Mulder about starlight. How it’s billions of years old. Stars that are now long dead whose light is still travelling through time. It won’t die, that light. Maybe that’s the only thing that never does. He says that’s where souls reside. I hope he’s right. 

Well, it seems to me that the best relationsips, the ones that last, are frequently the ones rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with. - Dana Scully (Rain King 6x7)

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"They call me Spooky… Spooky Mulder, whose sister was abducted by aliens when he was just a kid and who now chases after little green men with a badge and a gun, shouting to the heavens or to anyone who will listen that the fix is in, that the sky is falling and when it hits it’s gonna be the shit-storm of all time…" 

I was elated to discover that today is “World UFO Day” and I had the nostalgic urge to do some X-Files fanart… Sadly, I don’t have the time, so I hope you don’t mind if I share a charcoal piece I did a few years ago! Between now and then, Colin Morgan has managed to replace Mr. Duchovny as my main muse, haha… Oh, I still love you, Fox! <3 (My Art Tag)

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