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Why the Opening Scene of The X-Files #14 is Not OK (Hint: It’s Rape)

Ever since writer Joe Harris tweeted a rather risqué panel from an issue of The X-Files: Season 10 late last week, the X-Files fan community has been abuzz with excitement. The panel shows Scully, wearing seemingly nothing but one of Mulder’s shirts thrown haphazardly on, knelt over Mulder in bed and pointing a gun in his face while he in turn remarks on how he is “more of a cuddler post-coitus” and suggesting that “sexy gunplay” isn’t really something that suits them.

This then appears to be the fun, sexy X-Files bedroom scene I have dreamed of seeing for over 15 years; but then looks can be deceiving. What we are actually viewing is the aftermath of a rape. [X]

Before you guys jump the gun, please read this article. I’m actually pretty angry and disgusted by this.

blacklacepumpkinwarrior asked:

Imagine if it ended in scully dying and then the post-credits scene was mulder talking to william like holding up a newspaper article of some mysterious event and saying 'imagine what your mum would've said' and william doing the perfect hand on hip/raised eyebrow and both of them laughing together in the most bittersweet painful scene ever wow bye



# I’m damaged for life.

Gillian Anderson is in her trailer wrestling with a punching bag. It stands on a spring-loaded base, next to the exercise bike, and for some reason she considers it to be in the wrong place. She is not happy about the lighting either – the power is off, and the place is lit only by dim, yellow emergency bulbs. “Ambience is everything,” she quips, poking her head around the door to call for help. Finally she sits down and discovers a rip in her shirt, just beneath the arm. “Sorry….” she says distractedly, tugging at the scratchy blue threads. “There’s something very strange going on here.” Then she laughs.

I had expected many things of Gillian Anderson. Aloofness. Caginess. Even hostility. But one thing I did not expect was giddiness. It is so much the reverse of what she projects on screen. As Agent Dana Scully, her character in The X-Files, she rarely smiles, let alone laughs. There is sexual tension, but it is of the buttoned-down variety – Scully never flirts.

Times Magazine, October 2000

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